Thursday, October 23, 2014

USD/JPY trades in the high-107-range

The US dollar has posted gains on Thursday, as USD/JPY trades in the high-107-range in the European session. The dollar has resumed its winning ways, gaining close to 200 points in the past week against the sagging yen. On the release front, Japanese Flash Manufacturing PMI climbed to 52.8 points.  In the US, Unemployment Claims rose to 284 thousand, much higher than the previous reading of 264 thousand. However, the four-week average, which is less volatile than the weekly release, dipped to 281,000, a 14-year low.
USD/JPY was flat in the Asian session but has posted strong gains in European trade, breaking above resistance at 107.68.
107.68 has reverted to a support level as the dollar shows strong gains. 106.85 is stronger.
108.58 is the next resistance line.
Current range: 107.68 to 108.58
USD/JPY ratio is showing gains in long positions on Thursday, continuing the trend seen a day earlier. This is consistent with the pair’s movement, as the dollar has posted strong gains. The ratio has a majority of long positions, indicative of trader bias towards the dollar continuing to move higher.