Saturday, July 4, 2015

To be successful traders

Most of you may have read trading books that state that increasing volume is good for the continuation of the trend. While this is true, there becomes a point of saturation where the markets cannot sustain the trend and start to reverse. Think of what makes prices rise.  There has to be a buyer and a seller for every transaction. However when there are many buyers chasing a limited amount of supply due to a limited number of sellers, prices will rise as the buyers outbid each other to buy the shares. To be successful traders, you must look for the highest probability entries at demand and supply. Many times our trades will be confirmed immediately after we enter with large candles and professionals entering. We can help to time our exit at our target demand or supply when we see large candles signaling the amateurs’ entrance into the trend.

Monday, June 29, 2015

EU and IMF lenders

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Greece and its creditors on Friday to keep pushing for a cash-for-reforms deal after Brussels negotiations hit stalemate, as European leaders heaped pressure on Athens to give ground.
Time is fast running out for Greece to reach agreement with its EU and IMF lenders and avert a default at the end of June that could see it tumbling out of the euro zone. But talks ended without a breakthrough on Thursday night and the International Monetary Fundteam abruptly left Brussels.
Both sides tried to keep hope alive on Friday and a Greek minister said he hoped for an agreement on June 18. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the ball was in the Greek government’s court, while the Eurogroup chief demanded “serious proposals” for reforms.
Greece needs a deal to unlock aid or loosen curbs on how much it can borrow in short term debt before a 1.6 billion euro ($1.8 billion) IMF repayment due by the end of this month.“Where there’s a will there’s a way but the will has to come from all sides so it’s important that we keep speaking with each other,” Merkel told a conference in Berlin.Despite the warnings of imminent default, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is showing no signs of alarm.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Summary : Target Level : 1.0403Target Period : 2 days
Analysis :
Descending Triangle identified at 23-Jun-20:00 2015 GMT. This pattern is still in the process of forming. Possible bearish price movement towards the support 1.04 within the next 2 days.

Supporting Indicators :
Downward sloping Moving Average

Resistance Levels :
( B ) 1.0475Last resistance turning point of Descending Triangle.

Support Levels
( A ) 1.0403Last support turning point of Descending Triangle.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

USD/CHF chart

Summary : Target Level : 0.9183Target Period : 2 days
Analysis :
Descending Triangle has broken through the support line at 17-Jun-20:00 2015 GMT. Possible bearish price movement forecast for the next 2 days towards 0.918.

Supporting Indicators :
Downward sloping Moving Average

Resistance Levels :
( A ) 0.931Last resistance turning point of Descending Triangle.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Forex Time Frames

The known rate of failed unsuccessful traders is around ninty percent. This is high because they do not learn how to trade. It could be higher but there is no way to prove that. If chart analysis was so successful, more new traders would be making money in the FX markets.  Do you really think a Forex broker or central bank are trading a one minute chart trying to day trade this market for ten pips.
So you can try time frame analysis breaks down like this. Generally, traders recommend using three time frames to plan your trades. The largest time frame determines the trend, which the  trader uses to decide whether they should go long or should we go short. Most like to also use the larger time frame to help with the supply and demand levels on your trading charts that the institutions are forming with their large orders.
The middle time frame is where you will mark my levels for entering trades zones. Using this medium time frame allows me to “shrink” your zones a bit a daily zone might be 100 pips wide, while a fine tuned four hour zone might be only 30 to 40 pips wide.  The zones indicate how large your stop loss must be. Larger zones have larger stops, smaller zones have smaller stops. When a trader chooses to use a third, smaller time frame, usually this is where he or she will “time” their entry. This is where we go into candlestick patterns for entry.
Trading Forex Time Frames

Monday, June 15, 2015


Summary : Target Level : 1.1387Target Period : 3 days
Analysis :
Ascending Triangle identified at 12-Jun-16:00 2015 GMT. This pattern is still in the process of forming. Possible bullish price movement towards the resistance 1.139 within the next 3 days.

Resistance Levels :
( B ) 1.1387Last resistance turning point of Ascending Triangle.

Support Levels
( A ) 1.1153Last support turning point of Ascending Triangle.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trading how to take profits

When you are stock or forex trading, you must be able to let your emotions stay out of the trade. You should not take the trade and then panic out of positions or chase into more trades. Traders should take profits when they can take a profit. No matter if they think missing out on the top or the bottom of the channel the stock is trading in. Remember with this approach it is easier to accept that I will miss some profits in every trade. It is no big deal because another opportunity to make profits will present itself.
Trading how to take profits