Friday, October 31, 2014

Short term traders especially tend to lose money

Traders need to know that market makers are smart and most of the time they can see the stops.  They do know that most traders will place stops around whole, and they will hit the stops to shake you out.  You should also place stops close to supply and demand areas, not at supply and demand for the same reason. Most new traders treat the charts the opposite of how they treat their normal trading. Many try to buy things after they have already gone up in price, where stock are to high priced, and look to sell things after they have gone down in price where things are cheap. Every other buying or selling transaction in their lives is done properly, but trading is where things get messed up.
As the new trader is sitting at his or her computer trying to find good trades either in the stock or forex markets, they are examining charts and trying to figure out what to do: buy, sell, or wait. When a currency pair has  moved up, meaning a series of green candles has already formed, they can eliminate at least one of their options. You are too late to buy. Traders could wait at this time, or they could choose to sell in a quality supply zone. When a currency pair or stock has already moved down, thus a series of red candles has formed, the pair is at a lower price. New traders can’t sell cheap things, so one choice is eliminated.
Stop losses when trading