Monday, May 22, 2017

VIX Trading

The VIX is related to the S&P 500 if the 500 drops sharply the Vix futures tends to go up. Most of the time the same is true if the S&P 500 is going up the VIX futures tend to go down.  This is not always the case but more often then not this holds true. VIX futures have been offered on the CBOE Futures Exchange since 2004. Since the Chicago Board. Options Exchange (CBOE) introduced futures and, subsequently, options on its Volatility Index, or VIX. At a quoted price of $12.1, one VIX futures contract is worth $12,100. Settlement. CBOE VIX futures are cash-settled and so, unlike futures on commodities. The VIX futures are very different from other index futures in that there prices are determined by a cost of carry but rather the market anticipation of the thirty day overall implied volatility of the SPX options will be at the VIX futures expiration. Many time traders will see the VIX futures trading above the VIX index other times it will be below.
  This can be an indication of the market's fear or complacency about the overall market action in the months ahead. Traders need to be aware if they trade the VIX futures that it does not always move in the same direction as the VIX index. Yhe VIX fitures will move close to the S&P 500 futures cash index. VIX is traded on the CBOE futures exchange and one point is worth one thousand dollars and the mini tick is worth .05 or fifty dollars. Vix futures are related to the S&P 500 because of the vix index itself is based on the SPX option prices.

  They are also used to value options on the vix index even though those are cash settled. The VIX futures and VIX are settled on the same day. The Wednesday that is thirty days prior to the third Friday of the calendar month. One thing is for sure a trader needs to learn how to trade this type of index or he will quickly wipe out their trading account. At most brokerages you have to apply to trade this type of index. This type of futures trading is very speculative and is not for all investors. Traders need to learn how to do this type of trading