Monday, October 13, 2014


 USD/CHF  Daily
13::55 GMT -Mkt. has dropped back a bit further last several hours.    overnight. We still think it needs to hold 0.9500 or better or last   week's low at 0.9467 is likely to come under pressure. If the latter fails, next sup. is at 0.9449/56. Res. is at today's    high at 0.9574. N.I.
R5: 0.9675  intraday level
R4: 0.9635  intraday level
R3: 0.9624 * Tues high
R2: 0.9592/00  Wed/Fri high
R1: 0.9574  today high
S1: 0.9500~  intraday level
S2: 0.9467  Thurs low
S3: 0.9449/56 * 25/6 Sep lows
S4: 0.9420  break area
S5: 0.9400  intraday level