Thursday, October 30, 2014


USD/JPY has moved upwards on Thursday, as the US dollar has posted broad gains following the FOMC policy statement on Wednesday. In the European session, the pair is trading just above the 109 line. On the release front, there are two major US events -GDP and Unemployment Claims. Both indicators are expected to post strong figures, so we could see the dollar post gains in the North American session. As well, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will address an event in Washington. In Japan, today’s highlights are Tokyo CPI and Household Spending.
USD/JPY posted gains in the Asian session. The pair is choppy in the European session.
109.82 is the next resistance line.
108.58 has reverted to a support line after the yen lost ground on Wednesday. 107.68 is next.
Current range: 108.58 to 109.82
USD/JPY ratio is pointing to gains in short positions on Thursday, continuing the direction seen a day earlier. This is not consistent with the pair’s movement, as the dollar continues to post gains. The ratio has a majority of long positions, indicative of trader bias towards the dollar moving higher.