Monday, February 17, 2014

strategy for trading hotel stocks

Traders need to have a trading strategy that profits in all market environments is of course critical for long term success. Knowing when to change that bias is more challenging.  Some traders have been conditioned not to have a bias as it may cloud their decision-making process. Traders don’t entirely agree with that assessment since timing the market requires that a trader take a directional bias.  This is what we can call our strategic bias. Gold has often been viewed as a safe investment. It is true that gold prices have jumped dramatically in the recent past.  What is interesting is that the cycle of equities and commodities hotel stocks are now in sync and gold and the equity markets are moving together traders need to take a look.  When the relationship moves back inversely, then the move to safety is on. The United States is the undisputed champion when it comes to entrepreneurial culture and investment in technology. This position allows the U.S. to attract and retain the top talent from across the globe to further cutting edge research, development, and innovation. The Hospitality Sector is another great area to invest in especially when people are staying there and spending money. Here are some hospitality sector stocks that are worth taking a look at.
Trading Hotel Stocks