Thursday, February 6, 2014

Forex Swing Trading

 If you are new to trading the forex markets you don't need a great deal of money to start. Many fx brokers will let you start trading with a small deposit. You can leverage your money up to 200 to 1 which can be dangerous at that high of leverage you could wipe out your account on one bad trade. It's better to start out with 50 to 1 it is much safer until you to become a knowledgeable trader. Compared to the equities markets where you need large amounts of trading capitol to start trading.
  There are many types of news releases in the forex so movement of the different currency pairs happens daily. The fx market will offer more directional trading. Once you learn to recognize the trends. You need to learn to use technical chart analysis which will show you which way the trend is moving and make more profitable trades. Another great advantage is that you can invest in a forex newsletter which will remove most of the risk on your trades. This will put more money into your trading account. The other advantage to trading the forex is that there are no fees from the broker.
How to swing trade Forex markets