Friday, February 14, 2014

Head and shoulders Conversion chart

Let's examine a head and shoulders pattern. This is a very popular pattern to signal trend reversal. Prices in an uptrend rally to a point and correct, forming a left shoulder. Price rallies again to a higher high continuing the uptrend before correcting once more. This has formed the head. Finally, prices try to rally again, but are not able to reach past the high of the head before starting to fall. Most traders looking for the Head and shoulder pattern would trade this pattern short as soon as prices break the neckline that connects the two lows between the shoulders. You need to learn a couple chart patterns and stick with just them. In the case of the head and shoulders pattern, the right shoulder failing to reach higher than the head gives the chart a lower high. While that does not in itself break the uptrend, it is closer to the downtrend definition. Once the neckline has been broken, a lower low has been completed.
Conversion chart