Thursday, April 3, 2014

Investment clubs

 Starting an investment club is fun and can be financially rewarding. Members of investment clubs usually have between 10 and 40 members, but normally have around fifteen trading members. When each investment club member joins the club they will deposit money into the club which earns them buying power when the club makes an investment. The investment club software will enter the amount invested and apply units for each member. Units can be figured such as for each $100.00 invested you will receive ten units. The clubs software will figure this automatically.
  The (NAIC) National Association of Investment Clubs can provide much of the trading information you need to know about starting your own investment club. The Web site has pages full on advise on investment clubs, you can go to "About Clubs" link on the front page NAIC site. Another web site with info can be found online at Investment Club Central. They provide a directory of resources about investment clubs from all over the internet. Go to "Articles" to learn more about investment clubs and operating one, they have club software that can be purchased to set up the finance of the club and stock analysis. Yahoo has Investment Club Central is its directory of Web sites of investment clubs.
Stock and Forex Investment Clubs