Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Major Key to Successful Trading.

 Most successful emini day trading system stocks or forex. If you have 60 percent winning trades, you will win in the long run. Part of overall winning is taking losses along the way in your stock or forex trades. In any trading system, you will experience losing trades as well as winning trades. If you think about it, when traders have winning trades you get motivated and you look for reasons to find the next trade. Traders move on forward from trade to trade sticking with their trading plan. The same is true when losing trades appear we become fearful of the next trade and look for reasons to shy away from following our trading system.
 This leads to the destruction of virtually all failing traders they get away what made them money. This leads to straying from your tested trading system to your being emotionally out of control. Traders must develop the mindset that you are a winning trader whether you are experiencing a run of losing trades or winning trades. A winning trader allows them to move through losing trades so they can be there for the winning streaks. New and novas traders do nothing about their mental trading fitness.
Stock and Forex Losses