Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trading Twitter Stock TWTR

While Twitter's valuation is 'reasonable' compared to social media peers like Facebook (FB) and LinkedIn (LNKD), do not be lulled into believing that expectations are low. Twitter really has to kick butt. But remember, Twitter won't give its first earnings report as a public company until January, so it's got some room to run until then.
The introduction of higher lows and higher highs changed the direction to bullish.  Traders needed to shift into buying pullbacks to demand in order to make quality trades.  Some of you may have been worried about the larger daily trend and how it would affect the intra-day trends. Even if you were to go through a whole trading day without executing a single trade, you did not waste your time. You gained experience in reading price action and building your trading discipline. Discipline is a major contributor to successful trading and those traders who can be disciplined to not trade when there is high risk are the ones who are more likely to succeed.
Trading Twitter