Friday, September 8, 2017

Why Sterling's Fall Will Hurt

Why Sterling's Fall Will Hurt: The U.K. economy will perform better this year than expected. After that, the future's not so bright.
ECB Weighs Ending Stimulus as Fed Calibrates Its Easy Money Stance: The European Central Bank is likely to announce plans next month for phasing out the bond-buying program that has helped reinvigorate the eurozone economy, while the U.S. Federal Reserve is weighing how aggressively to retreat from its own easy money policies.
ECB Will Have Trouble Getting Out of Strong Euro Bind: The European Central Bank looks set to decide in October on how its bond-buying program will change in 2018. Looming over the proceedings is the surging euro.
France's Emmanuel Macron Takes EU Renewal Push to Greece: The European Union will crumble if it isn't overhauled, French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday in Athens, attempting to reinvigorate his call for greater sharing of financial burdens in the eurozone.