Thursday, November 6, 2014

Platinum ETF holdings increased

In the week to November 5: Gold ETF holdings declined 0.34moz to 56.53moz. Investors liquidated 211koz of their holdings from the SPDR fund, 56koz from the Source fund, 48koz from the ETFS (LSE) fund, 29koz from the iShares fund and 28koz from the Sprott fund. On the contrary, inflows were seen in the GBS (LSE) fund to the tune of 60koz. Total ETF holdings were down 0.26moz, month-to-date. The rolling monthly change stood at -1.03moz against -1.11moz of the previous week.
Silver ETF holdings remained steady at 628.05moz. Investors added 93koz to their holdings in the ETFS (NYSE) fund. All of these inflows were set-off by outflows of 37koz from the Julius Baer fund, 31koz from ETFS (LSE) fund and 17koz from UBS fund.

Platinum ETF holdings increased 31.92koz to 2821.65koz, due to inflows in the ETFS (LSE) fund. In the same week, palladium ETF holdings climbed 62.04koz to 3088.68koz. Inflows of 56koz came in the ETFS (LSE) fund and 15koz in Standard bank fund.