Wednesday, May 28, 2014


  GBP/USD   Daily
Today's trade has seen further breakdown with prices      reaching/breaking  the last swing low at 1.6730. Indicators are at    extremes now so we should see some recovery attempt soon. However, we expect further weakness (after bounce) with next target   sup. at 1.6680. Initial res. is in the 1.6770/80 band.N.I.
R5: 1.6920~   21, 22-May highs
R4: 1.6881 * Tues high
R3: 1.6835/55   intraday level
R2: 1.6815   today high
R1: 1.6770/80   intraday level
S1: 1.6680  15 Apr low
S2: 1.6552 * Apr low
S3: 1.6459 * Mar low