Saturday, December 14, 2013

Risk management

How to read charts in stock and forex trading.  Learning to read tick,or candle stick charts and get it right is something every trader needs to do. Chart patterns change everyday in the movement of the stock and forex markets.Figuring out support and resistance levels, finding buy and sell areas, and determining strength or weakness is what you need to learn. Knowing  if the stock in is a trend and what the volume is are very important to your trading decisions.  To have an edge from reading charts, the trader has to be able to understand chart patterns as they are forming, and you then have to make sure the chart pattern has formed. In the forex market especially over longer time frames the patterns will repeat. The percentages are in your favor if you understand these different patterns on the charts. It is at those chart levels that the imbalance of order show up between the buyers and sellers of different pairs in the FX or the same is true if you are trading stocks .  Many support and resistance areas are known to all the big brokers and banks that trade the forex markets