Monday, November 21, 2016

GBP/USD has started the trading week with strong gains

GBP/USD has started the trading week with strong gains. In the North American session, the pair is trading at the 1.25 line. On the release front, there are no indicators out of the UK or the US. On Tuesday, the UK will release Public Sector Net Borrowing and CBI Industrial Expectations.
It’s a very quiet start to the week, so the markets will have some time to focus on the Autumn Forecast Statement, which serves as a preview to the annual UK budget. This report will be closely watched, as it will detail the government’s forecast for the economy ahead of the Brexit negotiations. Analysts are bracing for a pessimistic report which will point to lower growth, higher inflation and a ballooning deficit. Since the Brexit vote, the economy has managed quite well, consistently putting up numbers which have beaten expectations. However, if the Autumn Forecast Statement points to serious trouble ahead as Britain prepares to leave the EU, the pound could weaken.
•GBP/USD was flat in the Asian and European sessions. The pair has  posted strong gains in North American session
•1.2351 is providing strong support
•1.2479 was tested earlier in resistance and is a weak line
Further levels in both directions:
•Below: 1.2351, 1.2272 and 1.2120
•Above: 1.2479, 1.2620 and 1.2778
•Current range: 1.2351 to 1.2479
In the Monday session, GBP/USD ratio is showing long positions with a majority (58%), This is indicative of trader bias towards GBP/USD continuing to move upwards.