Tuesday, August 2, 2016

XAU/USD ratio has shown slight gains in short positions

XAU/USD ratio has shown slight gains in short positions. Long positions command a strong majority (60%), indicative of trader bias towards XAU/USD continuing to move upwards. Gold prices continue to move higher this week as the disappointing US GDP report has weighed on market sentiment. Preliminary GDP for the second quarter disappointed, as the markets had expected a strong gain of 2.6%, while the economy responded with a much smaller gain of 1.2%. A September rate hike appears less likely, given recent economic data. On Sunday, FOMC William Dudley, a close ally of Janet Yellen, said that the Brexit fallout posed a risk to the US economy and urged the Fed to proceed with caution before raising interest rates. The US will release wage growth and nonfarm payrolls later in the week, and these key employment numbers will be carefully monitored by the Fed as it mulls over a possible rate hike. The markets have circled September and December as the most likely dates for a rate hike, but if the Fed isn’t satisfied with the economy’s performance, it could delay any moves until 2017