Friday, August 14, 2015


USD/CHF still down slightly on the day for now, but not   breaking down. If anything, today's action so far is a bend and not a break. For it to turn into a break, the mkt would need to tank below 0.9685/70 zone and we are just not sure that can be  possible today. To the upside, the sellers seem to keeping the upside capped near 0.9800/20.
R5: 1.0000 * figure
R4: 0.9984  19 Mar high
R3: 0.9903 * 11 Aug high
R2: 0.9850/55  intraday level
R1: 0.9800/20 * break zone
S1: 0.9723  intraday level
S2: 0.9685/70 * trendline, 12 Aug low
S3: 0.9644 * 03 Aug low
S4: 0.9600  figure
S5: 0.9542 * 200-day MA