Monday, July 6, 2015

Many stocks will trade in a range

Don't spend time on bad trades it happens to all traders you will lose money from time to time.You need to accept it and move on to the next trade and remember there are not always trades to take so don't make trades out of boredum. You cannot save a bad trade so do not add to it thinking it will go back up this is a mistake let it stop out and move on. All this does is raise your stress levels and waiste your trading capital.
Another way to reduce stress is to make sure you have a excellent trading platform. You need to have level II and be able to read charts. Do not spend time trying to trade blind and not knowing when to trade this is a sure way to lose money and many new traders will do this. Learn whne to trade by watch the volumn start to come into the trade ,watching the last sale in the level II is a great way to know when the buyers are entering a trade.
Many stocks will trade in a range traders should realize this and watch for volumn to come in at the support area on the charts.Remember no trade setup is perfect but if you have done your research to the supports area them a majority of the time you will make a profitable trade. Do not get gready take your profits and move to the next trade. All the big trading brokers offer free programs and live demo's on how to use their trading platforms. You should take advantage of this since its a great way to learn how to trade which in turn will reduce your stress and make you more profitable in trading the markets.