Friday, January 30, 2015


USD/CHF  Daily
13::40 GMT -Earlier strength was capped near the 0.9285 target and     prices have levelled off last several hours. This is first res. while a new high should target 0.9330 next. To the downside, initial sup. is at today's low at 0.9197 then the 0.9115/45 band.  N.I.
R4: 0.9550/55  projection
R3: 0.9400/20  figure/projection
R2: 0.9330 * projection
R1: 0.9284  today high
S1: 0.9197  today low
S2: 0.9115/45  intraday level
S3: 0.9075  intraday level
S4: 0.9040 * Thurs low
S5: 0.8970/80  intraday level/Wed lo