Friday, January 9, 2015


 EUR/JPY   Daily
13::50 GMT - Small dip just traded has been recovered, making for a modest excess low/ a potential bottom marker this week. Run on   through 141.35/ the overnight high would boost that call. EUR otherwise risks fading again and remaining  on the week's sell offlow, with steep further downside to 137.50 or so. [NR]
R5: 148.42  15-Dec high
R4: 147.15~  fr 22-Dec highs
R3: 146.75 * 30-Dec high
R2: 145.30 * 2-Jan high
R1: 141.70~  Wed, Thurs highs
S1: 141.22 * 19-Sep high
S2: 140.50~   this week lows
S3: 137.62 * 31-Oct low
S4: 137.00 * 30-Oct low
S5: 135.15   23-Oct low