Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gaps are a magnet for a stock price

The simplicity of trading for short term profits or long term wealth for retirement is really down to the basic dynamics concerned with how to actually trade in an effective, objective and logical manner.Thus if there are only three things you can do in the market after all, that is buy it, sell it or do nothing. It doesn’t get much simpler then that stick to your trading plan.  Once you are in a trade you have to decide for yourself what you are going to do next. Traders need to gain experience and keep working to improve their performance.
New traders are either going to win on the trade, lose on it or maybe break even from time to time but whatever the outcome, this is the one true unknown element and thus, is what makes the act of trading not so easy. When traders kept records and got consistently better at finding decent trades, they soon learned that if they took the smart profits off the table when they had the chance to do so, they made money consistently. When traders didn’t, They would lose money. Yes we all want the most out of trades when we take them but we never really know how far they will run, so why not take a profit that is possible rather than hope the trade is going up more this is a mistake. Most successful traders hope this makes an impact in their results and more money in their accounts.
Trading Gap Zones