Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MT4 Chart Application

Trader on Chart won't make you money on it's own, so don't be confused, but if you are opening trades manually and use Metatrader 4 platform the Trader On Chart will be like a gulp of fresh air for you.
Imagine you want to open a buy trade, risk 5% of available funds, have a stop loss of sixty five pips and a take profit of ninety five pips? All you have to do is fill in those numbers and just click the green button. Or maybe you want to risk a specific amount of money and set the stop loss at the last closed price bar's lowest price? The app can do this too.
You know it's hard to survive a night in the woods without the matches. Sure you can rub two wooden sticks to start a fire, but if you have matches it takes only few seconds. This is why it is important to have trading tools and use them every day as much as you can. Stop doing the work that apps can do for you and use that energy for currency analysis or other important jobs which will take you another step closer to your big goal, your big dream, your purpose in life.
Trader on Chart app for MT4!