Monday, January 27, 2014

Forex Spot trading

Trading the forex spot markets can make traders money you need to learn how to trade the forex spot market. Traders like to trade the Forex Spot Market is its is popular and easy to get involved in trading. You have many pairs to trade. With the US Dollar major pairings, traders have cross pairs to choose from, including , CAD/JPY, GBP/CHF and EUR/AUD, and many more.  When a trader takes a position, they are long on one pair and short the other. The FX has an incredible level of liquidity in the Spot market with no real danger of getting caught in a position.
 Margins from currency brokers are also relatively low due to the widely available 100:1 leverage but you should stay with fifty to one, which is especially attractive to forex spot traders of all skill levels as they are able to open trading accounts with as little as fifty to one hundred dollars. Remember stay with low leverage when your learning to trade the spot forex. The Spot market is the ideal place for trading large position sizes with a greater ease of execution, and the ability to get decent fills at a good price. Also remember that new legislation will soon be implemented into Forex regulation, which will reduce this leverage to between fifty to one and twenty to one. This will offer a greater level of risk control for new traders.
Trading spot forex