Monday, January 20, 2014

Fibonacci retracement lines

Fib Price Retracement Lines with the extensions turned on. You need to be aware of is that there are about as many rules methods for drawing in fibonacci as there are traders out there talking about them! Many traders and analysts disregard fibs entirely, as there are many traders who keep redoing in their fibs until the chart shows them what they want to see. By redrawing I mean choosing different highs and lows to measure until magically, the fibonacci line up with the trader's analysis.
While this complaint is valid, knowing that fibs indicator are only another indicator of many and that nothing works perfectly every time can give a trader enough confidence to use them effectively. There are many retail trading platforms that don't give data for more than ten or twenty years back in time. When you see the AUD/USD at all-time highs on your platform  only able to see back to 1990 , be aware that this pair has traded much higher than now back in the 1980's. In this case, using Fib extensions can be very helpful.
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